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Dr. Bruce Luccas, M.D.

Dr. Luccas started the practice in 1990, upon completion of medical school and residency. The practice began at the St. Luke’s Hospital location in Racine. His practice then grew from positive feedback and “word of mouth” from current patients. As the practice expanded, it was Dr. Luccas’ decision to move from St. Luke’s to a larger office at the current location on the Wheaten Franciscan All Saint’s Campus.

Due to an existing medical condition, Dr. Luccas began to decrease his hours and brought Dr. Bernard Pegis in to the practice as primary physician and Dr. Luccas retired in 2006. In 2008 Dr. Pegis moved to West Virginia, at which point Dr. Luccas worked with placement companies and began recruiting to find another physician to partner in the care of our patients. We were fortunate to be able to partner with David A. Calderwood, MD, SC. Dr. David Calderwood comes to us from Genesis Medical in Kenosha and he has stepped right in and continues to provide outstanding patient care and is a wonderful addition to our team. Now that Dr. Calderwood has made the decision to leave independent practice and primary, we are on the hunt for the next wonderful physician for our office. 

As one of the select few independent Physician offices in the Racine area, our Medical Practice offers patient care unlike any other and it is our goal to grow and continue with the high standards that were cemented so long ago.